Monday, November 21, 2011

"Recycle" - A PSA

Well, look who's been neglecting blog duties! ...Oh yeah, that's me... Anyways.

I've got a busy day ahead of me since tomorrow's my last day of classes before break (Mexico here I come!) so I'm gonna make this one quick today. One day in class our teacher came up to us and asked us to make a commercial really fast to air on the video announcements. She said the school was ramping up their recycling program and wanted a few PSA's to show.

Someone else in the class, Joe Ingamells, actually came up with the idea for this video. Or at least, a very basic idea. We decided we wanted to get someone to be in it that everyone knew, and Joe suggested we use our quarterback, Cody Marks. From there, the idea for the video evolved very quickly. We got Cody out of class, filmed with him, came back and edited it, and the video was done by the end of the hour. I've always enjoyed this video for some reason, maybe because it playfully takes a jab at the idea that "Cody Marks can do anything!" Also, the MuteMath song helps.

And without further ado, enjoy!