Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Audio Projects

The first project was for the dating radio show. I was trying to think of some questions that I could ask people that would elicit contradictory responses, depending on the person. And the "love at first sight" and "soul mates" debates are always interesting to hear, so I went with that. I went around and asked a couple people their thoughts, and then put it all together and added some music. And this is the result:

The second project I decided to do was a audio segment that showed what it's like to work at the Instructional Support Services (ISS) on campus. So I went into work and used one of our audio recorders that I set up by the loan desk. I recorded about an hour of footage and then sifted through it to find times where the employees were helping patrons, as well as some moments where they were just fooling around. A common theme I found was that a lot of people came in asking to use our collaboration rooms. This is how it turned out:

Overall, I enjoyed making both projects and didn't really have any trouble making either of them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Response to "Living With Cancer"

Credit John Klein Wilson / Michigan Radio
I found this broadcast to be really interesting. I've had several family members diagnosed with cancer and most have turned out to be treatable, thankfully. I find the stories of people who live through cancer and beyond very inspiring. The story of the couple who decided to take a trip to try and do everything and they spent all their money -- I feel like that'd be what I would do. Try to make the most out of life while you still can. And though many healthy people can't just drop everything, I think this message of living in the moment, of experiencing life, is something that everyone could use more of.

I'm also inspired by the stories of support people receive during their treatment. A number of people in the broadcast mention that support from family and friends is so important to the healing process, almost in a spiritual sense. Knowing that you have someone who is there for you, who wants you to get better, must be a great feeling, and I'm sure it helps.

As inspiring as these stories are, not everyone who is diagnosed with cancer survives. There are many different kinds of cancer and some are much more difficult to treat than others. Hearing about kids getting cancer, even newborn babies, is horrible and is something that shouldn't happen. Parents should not be losing kids to disease like this, and the good news is that doctors are continuing to try their hardest to find better treatment options and a cure. It may still be a ways off, but we get closer to finding the answer every day.