Saturday, October 22, 2011

YKWIH? 4 - Ignorant People

For ignorant people we had our friend Lee join us, who was really excited to be a part of the videos. And we designed a character for Lee based on the broad idea that we hate "ignorant people," so he became inconsiderate of others, he asked stupid questions to prompt sarcastic answers, he left pointless messages on answering machines (hey, what's an answering machine?)...

The one scene with Matt getting out of the shower and shooting a sarcastic remark at Lee is one of my favorite memories of filming these. We had Matt improvise his line as he walked out of the bathroom, and when we shot the first few we burst out laughing and couldn't use them, even though they were brilliant. I just had to throw them into the end of the video. The same thing happened with Matt falling down the stairs, but I only threw one of those in there.

I believe this video was filmed earlier in January, but we didn't get around to filming the part in front of the webcam. So when we got together to film the next YKWIH at the end of January, we first finished up this video. That's why Ross and I are wearing the same clothes in both videos.

Overly Competitive People tomorrow!

Friday, October 21, 2011

YKWIH? 3 - New Years Edition

This one will be fairly quick, and really it doesn't need to be long because it's fairly self-explanatory. New Years was right around the corner, and I was having a New Years party, so we figured it would be the perfect time to make a video about New Years. We took a quick look around the room at what "props" we had, and then we went to work.

Kudos to Emilee Owen for coming up with "yay rape." It was a genius move and it worked out perfectly. And of course we had to throw in "the chips." Also, we decided to throw in Ross' crazy face one more time. It was an opportune moment.

Sorry it's so short tonight, but it's a Friday night and in the midst of us trying to decide what to do, I figured I'd post here quickly. If anyone has any questions about something I didn't cover, ask me in the comments and I'll answer as soon as I get it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

YKWIH? 2 - Personal Bubble

We filmed the first half of this video at the same time we did the brain farts video. For one of the shots, Ross made this really funny face, and we decided that for the second video we essentially wanted a bunch of those moments. We threw a little one into the first video (where Ross is under the piano) and then we got to work.

In order to allow us to film clips of Ross making that face, we needed a theme to build it around, and we came up with friends who don't understand the concept of a personal bubble. Ross would be the creepy friend, and the video evolved from there.

After the first couple clips we realized that a video of purely that face would get old after a short while. So we filmed part of Matt and I talking to the camera and then put off filming the rest of it until later. When we came back fresh another day, we filmed a couple more ideas and the video finally came together. We were really excited about this one, and we couldn't wait to start working on the next video.

NOTE: We ran into problems with the iMac microphone not picking our voices up really well, and it's pretty bad in this video. The scenes in front of the webcam are pretty quiet and all the clips shot with a different camera are at normal volume. In future videos we tried to speak up but it would still be quiet from time to time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

YKWIH? 1 - Brain Farts

As I sat down to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I realized that I had yet to write a blog post today. Well here it is.

Okay. The first "You Know What I Hate" video, which covers brain farts, was created mainly because we just wanted to make a video. Building off of the brainstorm videos, Matt and I developed this idea that we could make things we dislike funny. And it took off from there.

Once we knew we wanted to talk about things we "hate," we sat down and started to make a list. Brain farts was one of the first ideas we came up with, and we started coming up with little scenarios to explain this dislike. We included Ross and Mickey of course, and then filmed and edited the video one evening.

I think that about covers this first one. Obviously if anyone has questions please feel free to add them in the comment question for me to answer. And yes, the next post WILL BE TOMORROW.

Monday, October 17, 2011

History of the "You Know What I Hate?" videos

All right so this week I'm gonna do things a little differently. See, two years ago my friends and I decided we wanted to make a "web series" consisting of short, hopefully funny videos that were connected by a common idea but with a different theme each week. This thinking eventually led us to starting a (short-lived) series called "You Know What I Hate," where each week one of us would take the lead in the video and describe things that bothered us, along with video examples. So this week I've decided that I'm going to forego the typical posts and devote every day to one of the "You Know What I Hate" videos, describing how we came up with the idea and giving some behind the scenes scoop. I might post additional content, but I'm only promising one post a day this week. And tomorrow I'll start with the first video in the series.

I'm starting tomorrow because before there was YKWIH, there were the brainstorm videos. They are basically a precursor to the format that the YKWIH videos follows, so they will seem fairly similar. The difference is that in the brainstorm videos, we are trying to come up with ideas for "future projects." For those of you who are familiar with it, these videos are where the phrase "eat all the chips" came from. I'll get to the chips later.

So without further ado, here are the two brainstorm videos we made prior to starting on the YKWIH mini-series. NOTE: You may have to turn your volume up a little bit because the videos get quiet every now and then.