Monday, February 27, 2012

First Draft Read-Through

Last night I returned to the first draft of my script, after a week away from it. I didn't start revising it yet; all I did was read through it once. When I finished the read-through, I wrote down a couple notes that I had and left it alone.

See, I still don't think it's been long enough for me to return to it. It's been a week but I still feel familiar with the characters, situations, and dialogue that it would be difficult for me to remain objective about my work. Hopefully by the time I return to Ann Arbor after Spring Break I will be ready to start revising, and I'm assuming that within the week or two following that I will have completed the second draft.

The second draft will be the one that I start letting other people read. I feel confident already that the script does not need a major overhaul, and that the second draft will be pretty close to the draft I use to look for investors for the project, which is the next step.

Once the script is completed I'm going to put together a information packet about the film. In it I'll include my resume, the script, a treatment, a budget, and possibly a few other items. These packets I will then pass out to people who may be interested in helping fund this project. I also plan on using to help raise funds.

If I'm lucky, the project will be in pre-production by this time next year, with production happening possibly as soon as Fall 2013. If this were to happen I would spend the summer of 2013 in post-production, and finishing the project shortly after. Of course, this is all hypothetical and it's a long ways away, but I figure that helping to visualize the end result will help me reach it.

I'll talk to you soon!