Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter is Here

I've been in Mexico over the past week and haven't had a chance to post, but a CancĂșn blog is imminent. For now, (and taking it into a completely different direction), it's the first big snow of the season! I love the holidays and get really nostalgic around this time thinking about the things I used to do as a kid, like playing out in the snow, hockey on the ice, making hot chocolate, setting up the Christmas tree, and listening to Christmas music. And, of course, hoping against all hope every morning that it would be a snow day.

I just love this time of year, because even though it's cold outside, the holiday season always feels so warm to me. The season is shared with your closest friends and family, and everyone coming together to celebrate has so much spirit and warmth to it.

Anyway, I just thought I'd take a moment and enjoy this wintry weather that blew in over night, because as soon as Christmas goes, I'm going to hate the snow and cold and just wish spring were here already. Post-January is when the snow gets muddy and there's less of it, and on top of that it's still cold and there are no holidays to be looking forward to (as in, no days of from class to look forward to).

So enjoy it for now!