Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Friends iPhone Stop Motion - Third Video

Most of the explanation is at the beginning of the video. I was thinking of video ideas and scrolling through my iPhone 5 when I saw all these pictures in my phone. See, the iPhone takes pictures so quickly that when you put them together, they can make a little movie.Apple AT&T 16GB White iPhone 5 Wireless Cellular Phone - 69301 (Google Affiliate Ad)

So I imported all the images into Final Cut Pro, dropped them into the timeline, and shortened all the images to 3 frames long. Then I added all the text and found the song. It actually took a couple tries to find a song that I felt fit pretty well. And then I uploaded it.

For me, it was really cool to see all the pictures played through that quickly, since I'd only ever seen them on my phone. It just kind of worked out that my friend took the pictures quickly enough to capture the illusion of movement. I mean, in a way that's all movies are: the illusion of movement by playing back a series of images at the right speed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Summary - Digital Storytelling

This week I made my second video for class, third one coming soon. I also did a couple Daily Creates. And finally, I did my part of the Beardfish video for class, which I've uploaded to YouTube. I'm keeping it private just until everyone else has theirs uploaded. And that's about it for creating for the week.

Daily Create: Something Brand New
Daily Create: Something I Made (Food)
Video Create: What I Learned in the Video Section
Procrastination - Second Video for Class

Procrastination - Second Video for Class

This one took a while to do.

After making my Friends dancing video, I knew I wanted to do something completely different. One of my housemates, Kyle, and I had been talking about making videos together for months but had never found the time. This assignment gave us the opportunity to actually make something.

After coming up with the basic idea, I went to the ISS to get the equipment. In order to use the Canon 7D I had to go through the training and get authorized, which was actually very helpful. I borrowed a ton of equipment, most of which we used.

The audio was recorded onto a Zoom H4n recorder using a Sennheiser shotgun mic, and when I imported all the files I synced them up. All the editing was done in Final Cut Pro 7; exporting and uploading to YouTube took a really long time because of the size of the file.

This was a really fun video to make but it took much longer than we anticipated. I wasn't planning on splitting the story into two videos but there just wasn't time to film the second (much more action packed) part, which we'll get to hopefully next weekend.

So watch out for that!

Video Create: What I Learned In the Video Section

The video that I made with the 7D wil be up by the end of the day!

Daily Create: Something I Made (Food)