Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm A Lazy Poster (Introducing my YouTube series that started two weeks ago)

I knew this would happen. My class gets over and I would neglect my blog all over again. Well, I'm trying tuh-not-tuh.

Anyways, over the summer some of my roommates and I decided that we would make a series of videos on YouTube and post regularly. Every Wednesday, we are going to post a vlog, where my friend Kyle and I talk about, well, whatever we want to talk about, really. And then every Sunday we're going to post a skit that we made throughout the week. If you're interested in following along and seeing where this goes, please subscribe to my channel kmof1992 on YouTube. I'm going to post the videos here, too, but on YouTube you'll see it first.

And if you decided to skip the above paragraph, here's the first vlog video that explains everything:

I'm really excited about this opportunity, because I've always loved making short, fun videos with friends and this way I get to share them with everyone! Well, everyone who watches, that is.

I'm going to post everything we've done so far in a separate blog post, so look for that, and look forward to the newest video that will be up this Wednesday!

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