Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Summary - Digital Storytelling

This week we started the video section and I'm ashamed to say I haven't done a video daily create yet. I gotta get on that! I've been giving some thought to what I want my three main videos to be, and will start filming here in the next couple days. I still like the idea of a video with a narrative, but I've also lately been thinking about doing something different for one of the videos. More on that as it develops.

Mostly daily creates this week; I'm still working on my response post. Should be up tomorrow morning at the latest. I'm really excited to be creating content for this blog, the problem now is finding the time to make it happen!

Daily Create: Draw a Picture of a New Invention
Digital Storytelling: Video Section Goals
Daily Create: Something Broken
Daily Create: Simple Drawing on Interesting Surface

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