Sunday, March 31, 2013

Minimalist Image Design

By Hengki Koentjoro, from here

This images is so compelling to me because of its simplicity. Of course, for it to be a minimalist image it must be simple, so that's no surprise. When I look at this image, I imagine that the dock represents my life, and I am continually stepping forward, out into the grey, the unknown. I can't tell what's in the distance; only the next few steps are clear to me. And I find that thought relatable.

This image kind of takes advantage of some of the concepts Williams discusses. There is some contrast between the edge of the dock and everything else, but the water and the sky would be completely indistinguishable if not for the faint line along the horizon.

The lack of color is repeated in the image, the color grey is everywhere, albeit in different shades. But being a minimalist image, there aren't a lot of different components in the image that can repeat themselves.

The dock is aligned in the bottom-middle of the image, and gives the impression of a point of view shot, which contributes to what I mentioned earlier.

And I'm not too sure how to apply proximity to this image.

Again, because this is minimalism, and the focus is on simplicity, the key to a good image is delivering a message using as few elements as necessary for it to still be effective. So the design has to reflect that.

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