Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Response to "Jon"

What a crazy story.

The most compelling and memorable thing about "Jon" is the way it is written. It sounds like it's written by a child, or someone who is uneducated, because there is a certain disregard for conventional sentence structure, the word "like" is used a lot, there aren't quotation marks... there are just a lot of errors that you might see a child just learning to write make. This makes it hard to understand the story sometimes, but it also provides a unique, interesting voice.

The story itself was compelling, though very strange. I found myself drawn in by the protagonist's voice, empathizing with his desire for real connection with a person rather than with, well, his hand. I can also understand the desire to exit his situation as a product tester (?). In today's consumer society, sometimes it feels like that's what the consumer is.

I enjoyed reading the story, though.

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