Friday, October 14, 2011

"Road Trip" - A Mikenny Productions Skit

Mike and I made this video our junior year of high school, as a fun little video that wasn't part of a project for our video class. Mike had come to me with the idea: he and his brother wanted to visit their friend Jon, who lives a ways away, and Mike figured we could make a video on the way there. I guess from there it wasn't such a big jump to the two of us getting on each other's nerves. I think we both love the comedy that comes from us being at odds with each other, and that made perfect sense within the road trip idea.

So we set out to film. Mike, his brother, our friend Cameron who was to film for us, and myself. We crammed ourselves and the equipment into Mike's car and took off. Before we left I had written a very basic outline of what would happen over the course of the road trip, but the video was largely improvised on the spot. We didn't finish filming on the drive to Jon's, so we dropped his brother off at Jon's house and then continued to film for a while.

There were a few issues when we got the footage back to the editing room. The first was that Cameron had forgotten to turn the shotgun mic on for the scene at the gas station, so we were forced to recreate the ambient noise, dialogue, and everything else with sound effects. Another was that the last thing we had filmed, the final argument between Mike and I, didn't turn out and we had to reshoot it. Instead of going all the way back to Jon's, we used Mike's snow-covered street and tried to disguise it as a road. We also went and shot the ending at this point at Mike's house. Once that was done, the editing for the video was completed without difficulty.

One thing I regret now about the video is the lengthy opening titles, as I don't think they're necessary. But that's how you learn, right? Anyways, enjoy the video!


  1. I like the opening titles.

  2. You didn't think they were a little lengthy for such a short video?

  3. Maybe if you took the titles and reattached them to a longer video. I just like the alternating titles with the shots of the driving. Plus, the music just screams to be at the beginning of a movie.