Monday, October 17, 2011

History of the "You Know What I Hate?" videos

All right so this week I'm gonna do things a little differently. See, two years ago my friends and I decided we wanted to make a "web series" consisting of short, hopefully funny videos that were connected by a common idea but with a different theme each week. This thinking eventually led us to starting a (short-lived) series called "You Know What I Hate," where each week one of us would take the lead in the video and describe things that bothered us, along with video examples. So this week I've decided that I'm going to forego the typical posts and devote every day to one of the "You Know What I Hate" videos, describing how we came up with the idea and giving some behind the scenes scoop. I might post additional content, but I'm only promising one post a day this week. And tomorrow I'll start with the first video in the series.

I'm starting tomorrow because before there was YKWIH, there were the brainstorm videos. They are basically a precursor to the format that the YKWIH videos follows, so they will seem fairly similar. The difference is that in the brainstorm videos, we are trying to come up with ideas for "future projects." For those of you who are familiar with it, these videos are where the phrase "eat all the chips" came from. I'll get to the chips later.

So without further ado, here are the two brainstorm videos we made prior to starting on the YKWIH mini-series. NOTE: You may have to turn your volume up a little bit because the videos get quiet every now and then.

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