Thursday, October 20, 2011

YKWIH? 2 - Personal Bubble

We filmed the first half of this video at the same time we did the brain farts video. For one of the shots, Ross made this really funny face, and we decided that for the second video we essentially wanted a bunch of those moments. We threw a little one into the first video (where Ross is under the piano) and then we got to work.

In order to allow us to film clips of Ross making that face, we needed a theme to build it around, and we came up with friends who don't understand the concept of a personal bubble. Ross would be the creepy friend, and the video evolved from there.

After the first couple clips we realized that a video of purely that face would get old after a short while. So we filmed part of Matt and I talking to the camera and then put off filming the rest of it until later. When we came back fresh another day, we filmed a couple more ideas and the video finally came together. We were really excited about this one, and we couldn't wait to start working on the next video.

NOTE: We ran into problems with the iMac microphone not picking our voices up really well, and it's pretty bad in this video. The scenes in front of the webcam are pretty quiet and all the clips shot with a different camera are at normal volume. In future videos we tried to speak up but it would still be quiet from time to time.

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