Saturday, October 22, 2011

YKWIH? 4 - Ignorant People

For ignorant people we had our friend Lee join us, who was really excited to be a part of the videos. And we designed a character for Lee based on the broad idea that we hate "ignorant people," so he became inconsiderate of others, he asked stupid questions to prompt sarcastic answers, he left pointless messages on answering machines (hey, what's an answering machine?)...

The one scene with Matt getting out of the shower and shooting a sarcastic remark at Lee is one of my favorite memories of filming these. We had Matt improvise his line as he walked out of the bathroom, and when we shot the first few we burst out laughing and couldn't use them, even though they were brilliant. I just had to throw them into the end of the video. The same thing happened with Matt falling down the stairs, but I only threw one of those in there.

I believe this video was filmed earlier in January, but we didn't get around to filming the part in front of the webcam. So when we got together to film the next YKWIH at the end of January, we first finished up this video. That's why Ross and I are wearing the same clothes in both videos.

Overly Competitive People tomorrow!

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